Wednesday, May 7


Reality television is decidedly non-reality.
It is a constant struggle to make something dramatic out of everyday moments.

This is the building we work in.
The interior looks like an apartment you would live in when you first move to the city.
We are convinced there is a mold problem because every person on the job has gotten sick.

The street outside isn't much better.

These are our co-workers.
The guy on the right looks very midwestern and conservative, but he says some of the dirtiest things we've ever heard.

5 tips for cutting a reality show:
1. when someone is angry add the sound of thunder under a close-up shot of them
2. when someone has a bright idea use the "small bell" sound effect
3. all scenes should have wall to wall music with gaps for crucial sound bites
4. end each piece of music with a stinger*
5. for a transition between scenes cut a shot to the beat of the music, speed up the first half and slow down the second half

bonus: for those really in the know, fit to fill is your best friend

*a stinger is a decisive musical conclusion, such as a big drum roll

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