Thursday, May 22

125 Years Old

2:45am  On a whim, we decide to see what it's like to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge in the middle of the night.

All is dark and expected.

Then we ran into this guy, who we assumed was fixing a faulty bolt on the bridge.
He works for the Department of Transportation, and he kept asking Anita what was in her Victoria's Secret shopping bag. (Her shoes.)

Then the bridge lit up in this amazing light display.

The DOT guy told us that the bridge is turning 125 years old.
To celebrate, they are putting on a light show for the next 5 days.

We had arrived just as the lights were being installed.

We felt like we'd stumbled upon something magical that nobody else knew about.

But just as we got to the top of the bridge...we discovered we were not alone.

These are the dudes who make it all happen.
We're told that the guy on the far right is the Commissioner of the DOT for Bridges and Tunnels.
The other guys let us know that his position is a very big deal.
Anita became starstruck and started to list her favorite bridges to him.
He laughed and said, "Yeah, bridges," as he walked away.
He must hear that all the time.

Anna asked a professional photographer, who was there taking his own light show photos, to snap a picture of us. (You can see his tripod at the far left.)

The guy with his arm around Anna told her that he loves working at night, but only because he's outdoors.
Frank, who is standing to the right of Anita,  decided he had a lot in common with her because they both like all kinds of food and all kinds of music.
He felt the connection so strongly that he ended up getting down on one knee and proposing marriage.
Caught up in the moment and the beauty of the bridge, it almost sounded like a good idea.

But instead we walked away into the sea of lights.


Cousina said...

That guy seems really nice AND you have tons in common. Go back and accept his proposal. I am dying to be a bridesmaid!!!!!!

Douglas said...

I love this blog!