Wednesday, May 7

Night Workers

We start walking down 9th Avenue.
These are some of the people we meet.

We asked this guy if he only works his cart at night.
He said, "Yes."
We asked how good business was.
He nodded and said something unintelligible.

This driver also said he only works at night.
3 things we loved about him:
1. his thick Eastern European accent
2. his dapper attire
3. the fact that he offered us a free ride home (we declined)

How many men can pull off a pink turban?

In the first photo, he told Anita a secret.
In the second photo, he copped a feel.

ps only one of these statements is true...which one?

The happiest night worker we've met.

This couple kissed passionately for a full 5 minutes.
It was a sweet sight to see at 5am.

1 comment:

rebecca said...

Both statements are false; it's obvious Anita is the one copping a feel, in BOTH photos.