Wednesday, May 14

Cab Fare

Getting out of work in the middle of the night, we've taken a lot of cabs. We often ask drivers why they choose the night shift, and they invariably say, because they hit less traffic and make more money.

After Anita gets out on the Lower East Side, there's still plenty of time for conversation before Anna arrives in Brooklyn.

This driver opened with: "Do you like pork?"
Anna said, "Not really," but he pressed on and pointed out the many places in Chinatown where a good, cheap pork meal can be had.
Then he asked: "Do you like crab?" An affirmative answer led to a long and very detailed account of where, when and how to procure discount crabs, and what to do with them.
1. Go online to Crabs-R-Us and reserve a bag of crabs.
2. Meet the crab truck in Chinatown at 6:30am, and also pick up a large bag of clams from another truck while you're there.
3. Then buy lots of garlic, parsley, a bucket of ice, and a large tub of butter.
4. Tell all of your friends to come over with beer, and you have yourself a big party for less than $100.

Anna took notes.
She thought that sounded like a good, good time.


lesamourai said...

pick up a bag of sea urchin while you're at it from the urchin truck, and a bag of eel from the eel one and you can have yourself an uni/unagi party for less than $100!

Mark Snyder said...

Anna - you look surprisingly perky for that early in the morning - the cab driver must have some cologne!!